Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Finale Finishing Tool Electric Razor Review

Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Finale Finishing Tool Electric Razor Review

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Finale Finishing Tool is considered to be one of the finest and ​top razors in the market.

​It is designed for professional use in salons and barbers; that doesn’t stop the everyday man from gaining access to a product like this that gives precision styling and a perfectly clean cut.

During our Wahl Professional review we recognized that it’s versatile enough for even the most sensitive of skins, providing an ultra comfortable shave.

Our Rating:

  • Designed for Professionals
  • ​Foil Blade Type
  • Elegant Design
  • Outstanding 90 min Battery Life
  • Extremely Powerful
  • Hypoallergenic Foil Blades
  • Can Tackle Any Hair Type
  • Perfect for Professionals and Head Shaving

​Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Finale Finishing Tool Electric Shaver Review

​This is one of the most stylish and power shavers you can buy. It’s very lightweight and subtle, making any bathroom or salon counter look elegant.

As an American made product it seems to provide one of the closest cuts we’ve ever experienced. You can go against the grain too, meaning every inch of your face can be styled to perfection.

Who Are Wahl?

Wahl Clipper is an American grooming company from Sterling, Illinois. They’ve provided men with premium quality grooming products for over 100 years.


Extreme Precision

​This is not made for trimming beards.

It’s made for ultimate precision and styling. Once you knock down the hair, the Wahl will take care of any stubble or two-day beard with ease.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to apply much pressure. Let ​it do the work for you. The perfectly sharp shave it provides is made for experts.


This is the best​ we’ve reviewed in terms of its aesthetics. It looks slicker than any other. The standard model is black and gold, which oozes class.

Ultra Comfortable

While holding it, you can feel its power in your hands. But the contact between the face and the foil blades is very comfortable. Wahl has included hypoallergenic gold foil blades to protect even the most sensitive of skins.

I have a very sensitive skin, and during our Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Finale Finishing Tool review, I noticed zero risks of razor burn, bumps, ingrown hairs or skin irritation.

Full Accessory Kit

​​We’ve noticed that brands like to leave out accessories. Wahl has done the opposite. They’ve packed the box with a spare foil guard, wall plug charger, automatic recharging stand, cleaning brush, and operating instructions.

A travel case would be ideal, but it’s really made for storage in the barbers not travelers.

​​Charger Review

​The automatic recharging stand makes charging easy, as you just slot it in.

For full power, you’ll need to leave it charging overnight, but it can run on any percentage without a drop in performance.

​Battery ​Tests

​The ​lithium battery can keep the rotary motor running at full power for up to 90 minutes per charge.

For this price range, that’s amazing. That’s one of the longest battery lives we’ve ever seen!

Accessories Available

Travel Case

​Replacement Foil and Cutter Bar Assembly

​Travel Case

Value for Money

​Although this is not as versatile as some of the very best we have tried, we have to say that you get your money's worth.

Th​is​ is in the mid-range but can give you top-notch shaving. It’s one of the toughest electric razors we’ve ever seen, so it should last you a few years at least.

​Learn more about ​the top electric shavers, get exclusive tips and FAQs answered right here: https://www.shavingninja.com/best-electric-shaver-reviews

​Consumer ​Reviews

​60% of consumer ​r​atings on Amazon give it ​5 stars.

Users praise it’s super close shave and comfort for sensitive skin. They also mention that it’s perfect for head shaving and very durable.

Note that you shouldn’t push hard, but gently guide it around your face.

​Our​ Ratings

​​This is ideal for professionals who want to provide an ultra close shave after a beard trim.

In our experience, it can tackle anything. Flat-lying hairs and notorious necks will become a thing of the past. We wish it were a little more versatile, but it isn't designed for that. It’s brilliant.



​Wahl hasn't gone wild, they’ve remained old school and made a powerful electric razor. There are no settings, sensors or other modern features. But it gets the job done in style.


​We could criticize the vibrations but customers won’t notice it, only the barber.

Its hypoallergenic gold foil blades are made for any skin type, so skin irritation is simply not going to happen if you use it correctly.


​Nothing in the price range is sharper than this​. It didn’t leave a single hair on our face during our review. Brilliant.


​We wish it could get to full charge quicker, but with quick charge it isn’t half bad. The automatic charging stand is very helpful too and perfect for barbershop use.

​Battery Life:

​90-minute battery life is the best we’ve ever seen. It’ll be perfect for your barbers or salon, providing use all day without a charge.

When the lithium battery runs low, it won’t reduce power either. Stunning.

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