​SweetLF 3D IPX7 Electric Razor Review

SweetLF 3D IPX7 Electric Razor Review

​The SweetLF 3D IPX7 is one of the ​top budget razors you can buy. It is an Amazon featured product and has received positive feedback from thousands of ​users.

It’s rechargeable, provides a close shave and is very well priced. Why is it so cheap?

Because the manufacturer has avoided including unnecessary frills and features. With the market so over saturated with budget ​shavers it’s easy to lose track of what’s best.

Read our SweetLF 3D IPX7 review below to find out why we recommend it.

Our Rating:

  • ​Rotary Blade Type
  • ​Wet & Dry Shaving
  • ​Outstanding 120 min Battery Life
  • ​Pop-Up Trimmer
  • ​USB Charging
  • ​Impressive Reviews
  • ​360 Head
  • ​Perfect for Every Day Shaving and Sideburn Trimming

​SweetLF 3D IPX7 Electric Shaver Review

​The​ build has a shiny blue, grey and black plastic finish.

Although it’s plastic, it seems durable and thick enough to survive the odd knock and fall. 

It doesn’t compare in aesthetics to the ​expensive razors, but the dark blue finish looks elegant.


Wet and Dry Shaving

It's unusual for a budget ​shaver to work wet or dry, so we’re very impressed. It means if you’re in a rush you can shave dry.

However, for a more comfortable cut and better results you can lather up with your favorite shaving cream.


Because it’s waterproof, it will work in the shower or bathtub. Great news!

360 Floating Head

The rotary head design works in all directions, so you can move it in a circular motion and shave where ever the head makes contact.

We found it gave a very consistent shave.

Quiet Motor

Even some of the ​expensive razors make more noise than the SweetLF 3D IPX7. It’s close to silent which is much appreciated.

It means you won't annoy your partner in the morning and it provides a relaxing experience.

Self Sharpening Blades

The manufacturer claims that the blades will self-sharpen over time.

That means it should have long life-span and you won't need to replace the head often.

Universal Voltage

Fantastic! The universal voltage allows you to charge this electric razor anywhere around the globe.

We wish more electric shavers had this feature and it’s perfect for traveling.

Pop-Up Trimmer

​It features a sleek pop-up trimmer that enables you to fine-tune your style.

You can trim down your sideburns or style your facial hair to perfection quickly.

High-Speed Motor

The motor is high speed.

It competes with electric shavers that are over $100 in price, providing you with fast shaving!

Easy to Clean

​It is super easy to clean. Just run some warm water over the head, and it should clean out the gunk and old hairs.

Try tapping it slightly on the sink to release debris.

​​Charger Review

​The SweetLF 3D IPX7 will charge fully in one hour. Best of all it charges via USB.

That means you don’t have to carry around a giant adapter and you can simply plug it into your phone’s USB plug or your laptop.

If you’re a traveler, this will make your life far more manageable!

​Battery Review

​The battery life is superb! It should last for around 120 minutes. We believe that it could provide 30 days of shaving without a charge.

120 minutes is one of the highest battery durations we’ve ever seen during our ​razor comparisons, even compared to the $300 models.

Accessories Available

Replacement blades for SweetLF

​Replacement Head Rotary Blades

Value for Money

​It’s hard to say anything bad about the SweetLF 3D IPX7. It offers many features that the high-end products do, for a fraction of the price.

It’s an unknown brand, so the verdict is still out over their reliability - but consumer reviews suggest it will last for years.

​Consumer ​Reviews

Shaving with SweetLF

68% of Amazon’s ​​ratings for this product were 5-stars. For a budget ​razor, that’s great.

Users praise it to be as good as the $100 Philips Norelco and comment on its close shave and fantastic battery life.

One user stated, “The most important feature on this razor, other than the facts that it is inexpensive and gives me a much better shave (!) than my old razor, is that its battery is charged using a micro USB connection.”

 Another said, “The three heads are the smoothest I've ever felt in a shaver with this head configuration (although I haven't used the more expensive Phillips shavers).

It has a slight problem handling stubble underneath the nose, but many shavers do. 

The Sweet LF has a sideburn trimmer on the back which many in this price range eliminate.”

​Our Ratings

​We love it. For the price range, it’s fantastic. Don’t be put off by the unknown brand. It competes with $100 electric razors very well.

It doesn’t have the fancy features, but it makes shaving effortless and quick. This ​shav​​​​er is made for everyday use!



​Sure we’ve seen more features, but those razors cost 10x the price.

It’s waterproof, has wet and dry shaving, a trimmer and universal voltage; that’s a great selection of features for the $20-40 price bracket!


​During our test, we found that the rotary blades glided along perfectly with a little shaving gel.

It doesn’t tug or pull at hairs, but with dry shaving you might experience a slight heat sensation.


​You won’t get a better shave than this electric razor for this price. The 360 rotary head stays in close contact with the skin as you move it, while the trimmer does as you’d expect.

I also tried to shave my head during our SweetLF 3D IPX7 review, and it did an excellent job.


​1-hour charge time is about average. The USB charger is a great idea that makes traveling easy!

​Battery Life:

​Outstanding. We rarely see an electric shaver that has a 120-minute battery life! 5/5

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