​How to Shave Your Head with a Razor for a Safe and Smooth Cut

If you’re ready to exchange pattern baldness for an attractive, manly dome, then you need to know some essential head shaving tips!

There’s no denying that using disposable, standard razors results in a far smoother cut than even the ​electric shavers.

But they're also prone to accidental cuts and some people just generally find it difficult to avoid skin irritation.

With a few head shaving tips though, you’ll become a pro at shaving your own head in no time.

Head Shaving Tips for Men

Shaving Your Head with a Razor

​Prepare Your Skin

​​With the face, you can shave comfortably with just a splash of warm water before applying shaving foam.

But with the head, it’s better to prepare the scalp properly. We advise hydrating your skin by shaving in or after a hot shower.

Shampoo before you shave, so the hairs are softened for easier cutting.

If you have hair that is any longer than ½ an inch then consider using these electric clippers to cut it down to a more manageable length first.

Lather Up

Next, apply your favorite shaving gel or foam. While you do this try to push your hair against its growth pattern.

That’ll make it easier for the blades to get a clean cut. Once the foam is applied, allow it to soak and soften your hair follicles for a few minutes. 

Using shaving gel allows the blades to glide along while protecting you scalp from nicks and skin irritation.

Start Shaving

Never use a blade that is rusty or old, as you’ll risk cutting yourself. Check the lubricant strips on the head; if they’re worn or faded, then it’s time to replace the blade or reach for a new razor.

Use a light, gentle stroke and let the blade do the work; you just need to guide it. Try to shave against the grain of your hair as it will cut all the hairs at the base.

Wash the blade regularly (every time it seems clogged with foam) and tap it against the sink to remove hairs. That will keep the blades free to cut.

Make sure you reapply gel as needed.

  • ​Let the blade do the work.
  • ​Avoid shaving over clean areas, as you’ll cause skin irritation.
  • ​Angle your head when you’re shaving the back and neck area, so the skin is tight.
  • Attachable guide combs make fades easy
  • ​Shave against the grain.

Check Your Scalp

Run your hand around your scalp.  If you feel any remaining hairs, then reapply some new gel and go over that area.

We advise shaving in a pattern (such as back to front, from left to right) so you don’t waste your time.

Moisturize After Your Shave

Skincare is one of the most forgotten head shaving tips. You need to keep your skin soft and hydrated to avoid skin irritation and dryness.

First, apply some cool water to your head and dry it with a soft towel. Then apply some moisturizer or aftershave. If your skin is sensitive try to use alcohol-free products.

By following these head shaving tips your scalp will remain it a healthy condition and you’ll find head shaving becomes painless and easy!

Our Suggested Disposable Razors for Head Shaving:

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