​Remington F5-5800 Electric Razor Review

Remington F5-5800 Electric Razor Review

​The Remington F5-5800 is a no-frills ​highly effective budget electric shaver.

Giving a close and comfortable shave, we have listed it among​st the best and recommend it to anyone who wants to make the process of shaving quick and easy.

It’s a foil blade ​razor that provides cordless shaving, with a pop-up trimmer for additional styling. We love it.

Read our Remington F5-5800 review below to find out more details.

Our Rating:

  • ​Foil Blade Type
  • ​Clean and Comfortable Shave
  • ​Outstanding 1-Hour Battery Life
  • ​Pop-Up Trimmer
  • ​Cuts Long Hairs
  • ​Impressive ​Ratings
  • ​Easy to Use for Seniors and First-Time Shavers
  • ​Perfect for Everyday Shaving and Sideburn Trimming

​Remington F5-5800 Electric ​​Shaver Review

The Remington F5-5800 comes in an elegant and tidy plastic casing that we found to be durable. For budget electric razors this looks mighty fine. You could place it next to the very bestand it wouldn’t look out of place. There is a simple on/off switch in the center. The grip is secure to hold and makes shaving effortless.

Who Are Remington?

Remington is a worldwide shaving products brand. They develop a range of shaving products from the budget variants to high-end epilators. With any purchase from Remington you know will get a product that is efficient and durable.


Long-Hair Pre Trimmer

Remington calls it “Intercept Shaving Technology.” It’s an unusual but clever feature that sits between the foil shaving blades.

It will trim any long hairs before they hit the shaving blades so that you get as clean a cut as possible.

Flexible Head

The flexible head allows you to move the shaver around your chin, neck, face and jawline without stress.

Many in this price range don’t bother with a pivot head, so we’re impressed!

Pop-Up Trimmer

The pop-up trimmer allows for detailed styling of your sideburns, mustache and body hair.

LED Battery Gauge

The battery indicator is straight to the point. It has a 0-100% bar that states what the current battery life is. It’s extremely helpful and clear to read.

Easy to Clean

​We found that it cleans reasonably well with just warm water under the faucet.

​Charger Review

​The charger is handy as it can still be used while it's plugged in. That makes thing easier for seniors who may be unfamiliar with new technology.

It should fully charge in around an hour. If you forget to charge it but need an urgent shave, fear not! ​It has a 5-minute quick charge.

So you’re always safe to shave.

​​Battery ​Tests

​Remington says that you’ll get an incredible 20 days worth of shaving from a full charge.

That’s fantastic and far beyond our expectations of a budget electric razor. We can’t praise that enough!

Accessories Available

F5-5800 Replacement Heads

​Replacement Head Blades

​Travel Case

Value for Money

​The Remington F5-5800 is very affordable and offers a nice shave for the price. If you pay anything less, then you’ll buy a problematic electric shaver that won’t last.

If you want fancy features, then you’ll need to pay around $100 at least.

​Consumer ​Reviews

Trimming with F5-5800

77% of Amazon’s Remington F5-5800 reviews are 4-star or higher. Users praise its close shave and claim it to be ​their best purchase. They say it's gentle on sensitive skin.

People say it is great for seniors who need a ​easy to understand electric shaver. Parents claim that it is a great first electric razor for teens who need a quick, comfortable shave.

​One user stated, “My husband raved and raved about this razor, saying how smooth it glided over his skin and how it didn't irritate it.

It cuts very close, as my grateful cheeks and hands can tell you, and his shaves last longer. He also commented on how much faster it is to shave with this razor.”

​Our Ratings

​The Remington F5-5800 is one of the ​best investments you can make for your beard. If you want an everyday shaver that gets the job done comfortably, then here it is!

We believe it would make a perfect gift for a family member that is tired of the task of safety razor shaving. It gets the job done comfortably!



​There are no frills with the Remington F5-5800. There are no fancy speed settings or advanced technologies.

However, the “Intercept Shaving Technology" is a useful feature as it removes flat-lying hairs.


​To get a more comfortable shave than this, you’ll have to pay over $100. It’s very comfortable and easy to hold.

I have sensitive skin and after my test, I noticed no signs of redness or razor burn. We advise you not to use much pressure when shaving and to not move it in circles.

Let the shaver do the work as you guide it in straight lines!


​You’ll get a close shave. It won’t be baby smooth, but that’s because you’re buying a budget shaver. It gets the job done. We love the pop-up trimmer for beard and sideburn styling.


​The 5-minute quick charge is rare to find on budget shavers so we’re thrilled to see Remington include it. You can also use this razor with or without the cord.

​Battery Life:

​Fantastic! This puts it a step above the rivals. You’ll be able to get 20 days worth of shaving before you need to charge again!

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