​Philips Norelco Multigroom MG3750/50 Electric Razor Review

Philips Norelco Multigroom MG375050 Electric Razor Review

​The Philips Norelco Multigroom MG3750/50 is Amazon’s Number 1 Best Selling Body Hair Groomer.

It allows you to style your facial hair with remarkable precision. We believe it to be one of the top choices you can make due to its bargain price and 13 piece styling selection.

Philips has kept the price low by including everything you need and nothing you won’t.

If you want an electric shaver that can help you trim your face and body hair with comfort and accuracy, then look no further.

Read our Philips Norelco Multigroom MG3750/50 review below to find out more.

Our Rating:

  • ​Full Body Groomer and Trimmer
  • ​13 Trimming Head Types Included
  • ​1 Hour Battery Life
  • ​5-Minute Quick Charge
  • ​Exceptional Value for Money
  • ​Self-Sharpening Blades
  • ​Impressive Reviews
  • ​Nose and Ear Trimmer
  • Perfect for Manscaping and Beard Styling

​Philips Norelco Multigroom MG3750/50 Electric Shaver Review

This steel trimmer is extremely durable thanks to its solid premium quality build. It looks sleek and modern, with a dark black metallic finish. It also has a steel reinforced motor, that will survive knocks and falls. When purchased through Amazon you will also receive a 5-day risk-free trial and a full 2-year warranty.

This electric shaver comes with a storage bag that includes a 13-piece set, made up of:
  • ​Full-size steel trimmer
  • ​Steel Detailer
  • ​Nose and Ear Trimmer
  • ​3 Hair Cutting Guards
  • ​3 Beard Trimming Guards
  • A Stubble Trimming Guard
  • ​Cleaning Brush

Who Are Philips?

Philips is one of the most trusted and innovative technology brands in the world. They’re experts in men’s grooming and shaving products and have become ubiquitous across the globe for their Norelco range.

If you’re looking for performance, then Norelco Multigroom MG3750/50 won’t let you down.


Full-Size Steel Trimmer

This is a wide and powerful trimmer that can create clean, straight lines in just one or two motions. It’s perfect for areas under your chin, or general body hair trimming.

Steel Precision Trimmer

This trimmer head is a metal, narrow option that means you can shave tiny details.

We found it very handy for removing individual hairs and areas around the lips or under the nose.

Nose & Ear Trimmer

This trimmer makes nose and ear hair removal safe and effortless. Hair in those areas is very unattractive but usually quite tricky to remove.

However, with the Norelco, it will keep you protected from cuts and grazes while removing hair effectively.

3 Hair Guards

These guards allow you to touch and tidy up areas of your hair with ease. It cuts through hair fast, so you don’t need to splash out on the barbers just for a little trim.

3 Beard Guards

The reinforced design means you can trim away at even the thickest beards to the style you want.

We noticed that it doesn’t fight or get stuck, which is probably due to its powerful motor.

Stubble Guard

Not everyone wants a baby face; some people want that 2 or 3-day stubble look. With this electric shaver’s stubble guard you can style that look, so it looks relaxed but not untidy.

Easy to Clean

There’s no automatic cleaning station, but that keeps the price very low. However, it’s straightforward to clean. We just rinsed the blades under some warm water.

Self Sharpening Blades

​The company claims that the blades will never rust and are self-sharpening! So you won’t need to buy replacement blades anytime soon!

​Charger Review

​This is a cordless electric razor that should charge fully in around one hour.

During our ​Norelco Multigroom MG3750/50 review, we noticed that there is no LED light. This is a major design flaw as you don’t know when it’s fully charged.

However, with a 5-minute quick charge, we’re relatively pleased. It means if you need an urgent trim you can get a few minutes out of it.

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​​Battery ​Tests

​When fully charged, this​ will deliver 1-hour of grooming. That’s fantastic and far beyond the average for this price range.

You’ll be able to trim your entire body without the need for charging.

Accessories Available

Hard Case for Norelco 3750

​Hard Case

Value for Money

​​It doesn’t have the features that other M5000 models do, but ​we can't really complain for the price.

With stainless steel blades, it should last you many years offering great value for money.

​Consumer Reviews

Shaving with Norelco Multigroom

64% of Amazon’s ratings for this product are 5-star. That’s way above average, making it Amazon’s Number 1 Best Selling Men’s Grooming Product.

User praise its value for money and how easy it makes man-scaping. One user stated “Don't spend a bunch of money on a trimmer, this is perfect! I'm a man-scaper and like to stay well groomed, this is the perfect trimmer and more.

I use the nose hair adapter and several guards to trim my beard, chest hair, and head hair. It also is a great edger and has a great battery life.”

Another said, “This trimmer, for the price, cannot be beaten. I would easily have paid $50 for this trimmer. The build and feel is solid, sleek and ergonomically comfortable in the hand. It’s also incredibly good looking.

It doesn’t have that cheap plastic, fragile look to it other trimmers do. The nose hair trimming attachment is fantastic, the best I’ve used to date. I use all of the attachments and clips provided.”

​A few users report on it “stopping working,” but as it has a 2-year warranty, it shouldn’t be a problem.

​Our ​Ratings

​It is Amazon’s Best Selling Men’s Grooming product for a reason. It does everything you want.

You can manscape your entire body, from feet to head with this thing. For the price, it’s a total bargain. It’s affordable, well made and gets the job done fast. 5/5!



​It doesn’t have motor settings, LED lights or cleaning stations, but it has 13 precision blades that allow you to trim your body to perfection. We can’t ask for more.


​As muti grooming trimmers go, this is very comfortable. We didn’t notice any signs of scraping or skin irritation. You just need to use it carefully and don’t rush.


​Superb. You can’t get better than this. You’ll be able to trim your body in any way you want, from the length and density of the hair to stubble and style. The precision makes it one of the best we’ve ever reviewed.


​We wish there were an LED light and a slightly fast charging speed, but with a 5-minute quick charge, you’ll never be unable to have an urgent trim.

​Battery Life:

​1-hour is above average and the icing on top of ​the cake for full body grooming.

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