​Philips Norelco 4500 Electric Shaver Review

Philips Norelco 4500 Electric Shaver Review

​The Philips Norelco 4500 is a mid-range ​shaver, designed to make shaving easy and comfortable for everyday use.

This rotary electric razor is highly rated on Amazon and would make an excellent gift for any man in your life.

During our Philips Norelco 4500 review, we were very impressed by its ability to cut through coarse, long hair and the way it glides along the skin with shaving foam.

We think it’s one of the ​top shavers in its class.

Our Rating:

  • ​Fantastic Value for Money
  • ​Rotary Blade Type
  • ​Wet & Dry Shaving
  • 50 min Battery Life
  • ​Makes Everyday Shaving Simple
  • ​3-Minute Quick Charge
  • ​Precision Trimmer
  • ​Perfect for Everyday Shaving and Beard Trimming

​Philips Norelco 4500 Electric Shaver Review

​It was previously called 'PowerTouch Aquatec​’, but has since been renamed and slightly updated.

At first glance, it looks high tech and modern. We were impressed by the elegant matte plastic finishing and comfortable hand grip.

The anti-slip grip will prevent you from dropping it in the shower and makes shaving easy. It’s also well built and should survive the odd fall.

Who Are Philips?

Philips is a Dutch technology company that has been making men’s shaving related products for a century. They’re regarded as the leaders in the ​shaving community and are one of the most trusted manufacturers in the world.


Pivoting Heads

The ‘Pivot, Flex & Float’ system makes the rotary blades react to how much pressure you apply. We noticed that this kept the blades close to the skin, improving the speed of the cut.

Smooth Blades

Despite being very sharp, the Skin Protection System and rounded blades ensure even sensitive skin users will avoid irritation.

‘Dual Precision’

The Dual Precision shaving system has been designed to tackle both long and short hairs at the same time. The rounded blades will gently pull hair from below the surface of the skin and cut at the base - resulting in an impressively close shave!

Precise Pop-Up Trimmer

Norelco 4500 features a pop-up trimmer. It’s perfect for styling your facial hair, beard trimming and adjusting your sideburns. We wish it were a little bigger, but it’s very precise.

Wet and Dry Shaving

​During our Philips Norelco 4500 review, we noticed that it’s even more comfortable when used with shaving foam. It gives you extra protection, and the rotary blades seem to love gliding through the cream. You can also use it in the shower as it’s waterproof!

​​Charger Review

​​Norelco 4500 ​charges via a regular plugin system. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery that will take around 1 hour to reach full charge.

If you forget to charge it up overnight, don’t worry; ​It has a 3-minute quick charge, for a morning urgent shave. There is no charging stand or auto-cleaning system, but that keeps the price low!

​​Battery ​Tests

​​After a full charge, you'll get 50-minutes of shaving time! That’s beyond the average​ considering the price.

It should give you a whole week of daily shaving before you need to recharge. That makes it perfect for travel!

Accessories Available

4500 (Model AT830 46) Replacement Heads

​Replacement Heads

​Hard Case

Value for Money

​This is one of the ​affordable electric shavers in ​Norelco range. We think it comes at a great price, offering a high-performing rotary shaver for those on a budget.

Philips have left out the bells and whistles and unnecessary accessories to keep the price low. It includes a 45-day free trial and a two-year warranty to protect from manufacturer’s defects. Great!

​Consumer ​Reviews

Close Wet Shave

​61% of Amazon’s ​user ​ratings are 5-star, and 16% are 4-star. Users praise the remarkable 50-minute battery life and the close shave it performs.

One user says “Hallelujah!” after finally finding an affordable shaver that doesn’t tug, cause skin irritation, or leave stubble. All-around satisfaction.

​Our Ratings

​​It is one of the ​top choices in its price range. It makes shaving simple and gives a super smooth cut.

We think it’s ideal for anyone who needs an affordable everyday electric shaver. During our ​te​sts, it’s pop-up trimmer cut down my coarse beard before I was able to finish off with a clean shave.  

It's a superb gift idea too!



​To keep the price down, Philips hasn’t included fancy features. They’ve focused on a reliable, high performing​ shaver. It does exactly what you want it to. Thank you, Philips, for making it waterproof!


​The rotary blades are rounded off to give an extremely comfortable feel. It doesn't tug and pull at even long hairs. If you notice any signs of redness, then consider using cream as it will glide along like a dream.


​We only saw precision better than this in the ​top end razors. During a rushed shave you might find it leaves some stubble, but a super clean cut is possible.

The DualPrecision blades get to work even on flat-lying, long hairs. The precision trimmer is better than average too and allows you to get to the notorious areas of your face with ease.


​1-hour for full battery life is an average charge time. The 3-minute quick charge is fantastic for an urgent shave. We wish it had a charging stand, but hey, it keeps the price low without it (and would you really use it?).

​Battery Life:

​50-minutes of battery life is superb​ for the price. 5/5

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