Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S Electric Razor Review

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S Electric Razor Review

The Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S is a premium quality, award-winning foil shaver that promises a better shave than rival products, with an outstanding sense of comfort.

It features a five-blade shaving system, designed with hypoallergenic foils that quickly give remarkable results. 

Equipped with unique beard density sensors, we consider this to be one of the ​top razors on the market.

 If you’re prepared to spend a little extra for a something special, then consider this model after reading our review.

Our Rating:

  • One of the Best in its Class
  • ​Foil Blade Type
  • ​Wet & Dry Shaving
  • 45 min Battery Life
  • Sensors that Adjust Power
  • Automatic Vibration Cleaning
  • Impressive Reviews
  • Great Value for Money
  • Perfect for Styling and Beard Trimming

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S Electric Shaver Review

​We’re going to look at why thousands of men on Amazon rate this as a 5-star quality electric shaver.

The Arc5 is part of Panasonic’s luxury line. Once we opened the packaging and laid our hands upon it, it was clear why. With a black and silvery plastic casing, it is remarkably lightweight at just seven ounces. It looks superb on the bathroom counter. It’s pure elegance.

Who Are Panasonic?

Panasonic is a household name in electronics and one of the leaders in men’s electric shavers. Having formed in Japan in 1955, they’re one of the industry’s most trusted brands. With a slogan of, "A Better Life, A Better World” they tend to make shaving better with each release.


Clean Cutting Precision Blade System

The Panasonic Arc5 utilizes a unique five blade cutting system. The hypoallergenic foil blades are ultra-thin and give a 30-degree cut. It is one of the most efficient we’ve ever seen. Regardless of your hair thickness, it seems to cut hair at the base with ease. ​The company states it performs at 14,000 cuts per minute. We’ve rarely experienced a shave as clean as this for such a price.

Shave Sensor Technology

Panasonic has included advanced sensors that can detect your beard’s density. The Arc5 will then adjust its power and accelerate the cutting motion when hair gets thick, and soften it to protect your face when it’s not. An entirely original idea that we’re rather impressed by. Next level stuff.

Comfortable to Use

Panasonic calls it a “Multi-Flex Pivoting Head.” We call it comfortable. The foil blades flex as you move it over the contours of your face, making even the hardest to reach areas simple. However, we have seen products that run with slightly more directional freedom than this.

Precision Pop-Up Trimmer

As ​anticipated, there is a precision cutting trimmer made for styling your facial hair and sideburns. It’s great for adding that final touch to your look. In our opinion though, it should be slightly bigger.

Sonic Vibration Cleaning Mode

Simply hit the cleaning button with the head removed and it’ll shake any gunk, debris and trapped hairs out! It’s quick and simple so your electric shaver can stay fresh each day.

​Charger Review

The Panasonic Arc5 comes with a simple cord charging system. With other models (such as the ES-LV95-S ARC5) there are a ‘‘Premium Automatic Clean & Charge Stations” that we wish were included with the ES-LV65. However, for the lower price, it’s an acceptable compromise.

 The Arc5 takes 1-hour to charge fully. Thankfully, it’s not too long as you can’t do a ‘quick charge’ like you can with some of the other ​razors.

​Battery Review

This electric shaver has a battery life of 45 minutes, which provides three 15 minute shaves. We’ve seen better than this, but it’s on par with some of the other​ shavers.

​A user-friendly LCD display will give you a precise battery life percentage update, along with cleaning and blade replacement warnings.

Accessories Available

Replacement Blades

Replacement Blades

Value for Money


Given the technology installed within this shaver, we believe this to be a steal.

Some of the different ​razors we have reviewed are almost double the price of the Arc5. It’s a bargain.

Consumer​ Reviews

78% of Amazon Panasonic Arc5 reviews give it 5-stars.

Consumers consider it to be one of the ​top choices on the market and report back on how pleasing the close shave is for sensitive skin.

It seems to last several years and is a perfect gift for any men in your life.

Our Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S Review and Ratings

​It is one of the best we’ve ever reviewed in this price range. It’s perfect for traveling with and is ideal for sensitive skin users.

The five blade cutting system and sensors will be great for removing annoying hairs and trimming beards — a gem of a shaver.



A super sharp cutting blade system with beard density sensors make this ​one earn a 4/5 for features. It doesn’t possess the settings that other products have but who cares when it makes the changes for you?


​It is ultra light-weight and designed for those with sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic blades remove any risk of skin irritation too. With the ability to shave with foam or in the shower we give it 5/5 for comfort.


You won’t find a better precision cut in this price range than th​is one. With a five blade system, sensors and a precision trimmer it’s packed with a lot. The only flaw is that the trimmer should have been designed slightly bigger


1-hour charge time is fast. However, without a quick charge mode, we were left a little disappointed.

​Battery Life:

For this price range, 45 minutes is excellent. The display screen also warns you when it’s time to charge and in theory you should get at least three 15 minute shaves before you need to charge it again.

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