​​Men's Shaving Tips: ​Finding an Electric Shaver That Works for You

​Electric Shavers make shaving easy and painless.

By making your morning routine so simple they are serious life changers. With advances in technology you can now get a shave that competes with safety razors, while also being able to style your look.

However, knowing which which features are needed can be daunting.

Let’s take a look at some essential areas:

Which Blade Type Should my Electric Razors Have?

Finding an Electric Razor for Your Needs

There are two types of electric razor blade types, “foil” and “rotary.”

Foil Electric Razors

Foil electric shavers have straight, rectangular shaped heads that use oscillating blades underneath a thin, perforated foil.

They tend to catch long hairs as they move along, while also protecting skin from direct contact with the blades. The ​electric shavers with a foil design will have a pivot head and will help follow the contours of your face.

Shaving Motions:

  • Straight lines, like you use with a regular razor.

Ideal for:

  • Everyday shaving
  • Anyone familiar with straight shaving motions.
  • Precision shaving, such as on the sideburns or in straight line areas.
  • Sensitive skin

Expert Foil Brands:

  • Panasonic
  • Braun

Rotary Electric Razors

Rotary electric razors are known to be a little more aggressive. They’ll catch the coarser, rebellious hairs that foil shavers tend to miss. They typically have three circular blades that cut in circular motions. They tend to follow the contours of the face better than foil razors but offer less precise lines.

Shaving Motions:

  • Circular (Straight motions will cause skin irritation)

Ideal for:

  • Occasional shaving (shaving a 2 or 3-day beard etc.)
  • Shaving long hairs or coarse hairs
  • Contour navigation
  • Hair that grows in many directions, such as curly hair.

Expert Foil Brands:

  • Philips 
  • Remington

Electric Shaver Charging

These days the ​electric razors are all rechargeable and work without a cord. If you buy a model that only works plugged into the mains, then it’s probably very cheap and poor quality.

Battery Life

​Top choices usually have more than 50-minutes of battery life. On average around 40-45 minutes will be enough to provide you with regular shaving without the need for a charge.

Charging Speed

Electric shavers tend to take between 45-minutes to 1 hour to charge fully. It’s useful to look out for models that have a ‘quick charge’ though. Quick charge is a life-saving feature that provides one shave for those mornings where your electric razor is out of juice.

Auto Cleaning Stations

If you buy a model with automatic cleaning then you’re in dreamland. Brands like Braun provide ‘Clean & Charge’ docking stations that lubricate and charge the shavers, while also removing hair and gunk.

​What Features Do ​​I Need to Look For?

Flexible Heads

From low budget to high-end, they will have some sort of pivot or flexing head design. Pivot heads make shaving a breeze as you can effortlessly move around all areas of your head and face.

Intelligent Technology

If you’re after something next level, then search for models that have advanced technologies. The Braun Series 9 9290cc, for example, has an adaptive motor. Others have sensors that detect when you’re moving through thick hair.

Pop Up Trimmers

In our opinion a pop-up trimmer is essential. They’re ideal for sideburn and beard trimming and can give a sharp look to any man.

Wet Shaving

Shaving in the shower or with shaving gel is a great option to have. Gel will help the blades glide along to prevent irritation. Shower shaving saves time and is very relaxing.

Battery Displays

Battery life and charging displays aren’t essential, but they’re a handy bonus so know when it’s time to power up.

Read Reviews

Expert reviews (such as those from your ShavingNinja team) will provide you with an insight into how well each razor cuts and performs, and whether the model your considering will be of good value for money. Also, keep an eye on Amazon’s consumer ratings.

Shaving Ninja’s ​Top Picks:

Braun ​Series 9 9290cc

Philips Norelco ​9000 Prestige

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S

Braun ​Series 7 790cc

Philips Norelco Multi Groomer MG3750/50

Philips Norelco OneBlade

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