​CENOVE Women's ​Electric Shaver Review

CENOVE Women's Painless Electric Shaver Review

​The CENOVE Women's Painless Hair Remover is a fantastic ​electric razor that gives a gentle and smooth shave for your legs, face and bikini lines.

​We believe is one of the ​top choices for electric razors for women that you can buy. It is listed as “Amazon’s Choice,” making it a highly popular option for women’s shaving.

​The comapny has focused on giving a supremely comfortable shave, with five rotary blades and a pop-up trimmer.

Please take a look at our CENOVE Women's Painless Hair Remover review below to find out more.

Our Rating:

  • ​As Seen on TV
  • ​Rotary Blade Type
  • ​Cordless Shaving
  • ​45 Minute Battery Life
  • ​Shaves Legs in Just 2 Minutes
  • ​Silky Smooth Shaving
  • ​Precision Bikini Line Trimmer
  • ​Perfect for Face, Neck, Leg, Arm and Bikini Shaving

​CENOVE Women's ​Electric ​Razor Review

​​It works over the entire body, from ankles to bikini lines. The design is slightly unusual, but one that is very easy to hold.

The grip sits a sensible angle that means you can move it over your skin effortlessly. The casing consists of a shiny rose and white plastic, that is lightweight but durable.


Gently Cuts Hair at the Base

​This razor will not aggressively tug hair out like cheaper shavers; it will instead cut at the base of the hairs minimizing stubble.

CENOVE claims that redness won’t occur thanks to this.

5 Flexible Heads

The rotary blades mean you can move ​it in any direction and it will still do the job.

The five heads will flex in 5 different direction so that as you push it over your curves and body, it will flex to make the blades stay in close contact with the skin.

The blades are also self-sharpening!

100% Guarantee

When purchased through Amazon, The company states you will get a replacement should this women’s electric razor have any problems or dissatisfy you.


​It features an Epilator trimmer that will pluck hair with precision.

It means you can trim your bikini line and clean off any hard to remove hairs fast.

​Charger Review

CENOVE Out of the Box

​The 5 hour charging time is slightly above average but we can't really complain at this price​. CENOVE have warned us that you should avoid charging it for over 24 hours, as performance may deteriorate.

The USB Charge means you can plug this into your phone’s USB wall plug - perfect for travel!

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​Battery ​Tests

​This has a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery that provides 45 minutes of cordless shaving.

For this price, that’s fantastic battery life and one that makes shaving much more relaxed.

​Value for Money

​At around $30, ​it provides a heck of a lot of qualities for such a price.

It offers more performance and battery life than more expensive rivals, and you’ll save a lot on safety razors too.

​Consumer ​Reviews

Women shaving her legs

90% of Amazon’s ​​ratings are 5-star. That’s one of the highest percentages we’ve ever seen.

Consumers say it can take just two minutes to get silky smooth results on each leg. They also praise how comfortable and easy it makes shaving.

One user stated, “It is the most comfortable hair removal device I have used! It's painless and efficient. It looks very elegant and easy to clean. I strongly recommend people who have sensitive skin. No water and soap needed! It's easy to bring with.”

​Another said, “This shaver was smooth but efficient. Worked nicely, safely and gently. Remember to charge it fully for the first 24 hours after you receive it and you will be most satisfied!”

​Our ​Ratings

We believe this is one of the best​ you can buy. You won’t need to break the bank and you’ll get painless, fast shaving! It looks like a luxury product, and you’ll feel like a luxury woman once you start using it. We'd like to give it 5-stars!


​We do have some tips:

  • ​It doesn’t work so well with long hair, so if you haven’t shaved for a while then you might need to trim hair down.
  • ​Using a hot towel, or a quick hot shower will soften the hair which results in a super silky shave.
  • ​Don’t shower for too long before as you can damage your skin while shaving.
  • ​Shave in the direction of your hair’s “grain,” or growth direction first when hair is hard to remove.
  • ​Apply lotion after you shave to protect your skin and keep it soft and smooth!


​The rotary head design makes shaving effortless and painless. We love it. The flexible heads are a dream and quite rare in women’s electric shavers.


​It’s painless. It’s as simple as that. You won’t feel a thing and should you notice any redness then apply shaving gel.

We also warn you not to shower too long as it can break your skin when shaving.


​Fantastic. We think you’ll only get smoother skin through waxing. The rotary blades are self-sharpening and get rid of long hairs fast! The precision trimmer makes bikini trimming clean too.


​The 5 hours battery life isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly better than the average ​shavers. The USB plug is a new idea that we love. You can plug it into your phone’s wall charge (if it has a USB port).

​Battery Life:

​45 minutes is way beyond the average juice compared to similarly priced products. If it takes 2 minutes to shave a leg, you probably​ need to charge it ​just once a month.

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