Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Razor Review

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 9 9290cc

The Braun 9290cc is arguably a top of the line ​electric ​razor in the market, and one of the best we’ve ever ​tried.

During our ​review, we were blown away by it.

Working efficiently at 40,000 cross cuts per minute and using four different blade types, you’ll get an incredibly close shave for every contour of your face - regardless of the state of your facial hair.

​The company claims this to be the a top choice in their range, and we can’t argue with them.

We’ve rarely experienced such a closer and more comfortable shave.

Men, look no further!

Our Rating:

  • ​Foil Blade Type
  • ​Wet & Dry Shaving
  • 50 min Battery Life
  • Superbly Close Shave
  • Automatic Cleaning Charger
  • Great Value for Money
  • Perfect for Styling and Beard Trimming

​​​​​​​​Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Shaver Review

In this Braun series 9 9290cc review, we’re going to analyze why Braun claims it to be their ‘Number 1’ men’s electric shaver.

Once you open up the​ box, it becomes immediately apparent that you have your hands on a premium model. The sturdy but light metallic design looks great and is packed with a range of useful features. Let’s take a look ...

Who Are Braun?

​They are one of the world’s leading brands for ​shaving related products. Having started in the 1960s in Frankfurt, Germany, they have risen to the very top and now provide men across the globe with electric ​razors that pass the test of time.

Any ​razor from this brand will withstand travel, daily use and general wear and tear to provide you with years worth of outstanding shaving.


4 Cutting Elements

​It features an above average total of 4 cutting elements. This results in a versatile and efficient cut that can handle any area of your face. You won’t need to push hard and repeat going over your skin like you do with cheaper models. We love it.

Skin Protection

The 5th shaving element is the much appreciated ‘SkinGuard.’ This feature is typically only found on higher end models but will give you supreme comfort. We found that it eliminated the risk of skin catches and any slight abrasions. A relieving and much-needed feature!

Titanium Coated Blades

​The company has included 2 “specialized” trimmers with a titanium coating in this model. They claim the ​9290cc will capture even the most evasive of hairs and we’ve yet to see much to argue against it through our experience and online Braun Series 9 9290cc reviews.

Intelligent Technology

​It features some handy technologies.

Braun has once again included their innovative “Intelligent Sonic” and “AutoSense Technology.” They say that 10,000 micro vibrations and an adaptive motor will help capture every single type of hair. It’s fair to say they’re not lying, as it’s easy to tackle even the most gnarly of beards.

Very Flexible Head

The Braun Series 9 model includes a flexible head that moves in 10 directions (​they name it the 10-D Contour Adaption) and floating shaving elements that adapt to your skin type; what more do you need. Not much. We’re blown away by how easy this head rolls over skin and every contour of the face.

Wet and Dry Shaving

As always in ​premium shavers, wet and dry shaving is a must. Braun hasn’t let us down again this time. The Braun 9290cc works perfectly dry, or with foam and water. You’ll be able to use it in the shower too.

Braun claims that the 9290cc is 100% waterproof and can be submerged in water depths of up to 5m without any problems; you can use it in the bath if you want to.

It’s not just about protecting the electronics, as Braun promise that with their titanium blades it’ll withstand water wear and any rusting.

​Charger R​ating -

  • ​Outstanding charging, with built-in automatic cleaning.
  • ​5-Action alcohol-based cleaning system.
  • ​Automatic lubrication of the blades
  • ​Gives you a fully charged and fresh ​shaver every day!
  • ​Full charge in one hour

​​​​​If you’re not convinced by the Braun 9290cc already, then we’d be surprised if their new charging system doesn’t win you over. With the purchase​, you’ll receive a ‘Clean & Charge’ docking station.

No charger in the market features a five action alcohol-based cleaning station like this. All you have to do is place the Braun 9290cc in the dock and it’ll charge, with automatic cleaning.

Stubble and debris will be cleaned away, leaving it feeling fresh each morning! It doesn’t get better than this. 5/5 from us!

​Battery R​ating -

​With a state-of-the-art Li-Ion battery, you get 50 minutes of cordless shaving which isn’t ideal but given that the inclusion of the auto cleaning charger it’s not a problem. There is also a nice glowing display on the base ​that notifies you of the battery life.

When it gets to 9 minutes, it displays the remaining minutes as each one passes. Totally extra, but we’re not complaining!

Accessories Available

Braun Electric Shaver - Out of the Box

​Foil and Cutter Replacement Head

​Clean & Renew Refill Cartridges

Value for Money

The initial pricing is on the high-end because it’s a high-end product. But we have to say, as premium shavers go - it’s worth it. From the great cutting to the automatic cleaning charger, it’ll change your shaving habits forever more.

Consumer​ Reviews

Man Shaving

​At the time of writing, this model has generally received outstanding feedback from nearly 1000 users on Amazon​. Amazon also lists this as one of their best ​sellers​.

​They generally claim it to be one of the best they’ve ever bought, reporting back on an extremely close shave from a “top of the line” product.

Our ​Ratings

​Comfort, efficiency and an incredibly close shave. You get your money's worth from a trusted brand!



​State-of-the-art features and modern technology. It truly feels like you’re using the best ​of the best.


​It really doesn’t get much better than this. The ‘SkinGuard’ blade design means any chances of skin irritation is a thing of the past. It’s a total game changer as far as we’re concerned.


​Almost perfect. Two specialized trimmers are included meaning you can get that look you dream of with ease.


​The Clean & Charge takes charging to the next level. A fantastic idea from Braun that keeps your ​9290cc clean and fresh every day.

​Battery Life:

​50 minutes isn’t bad but not perfect. The ease of charging makes up for it.

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