​Braun Series 7 7865cc Electric Razor Review

Braun Series 7 7865cc Electric Razor Review

​​Series 7 7865cc is one of Braun’s latest model of electric razors, offering an exceptional shave in a premium quality build.

It is regarded amongst the ​shaving community as one of the ​best on the market, especially given its price.

The 7865cc is very similar to other Series 7 models but supposedly has more power at a lower price.

​Just like the 790cc, it is gradually becoming one of the best sell​ers in the market. Read our Braun Series 7 7865cc review below to find out why.

Our Rating:

  • ​Smart Shaver
  • ​Foil Blade Type
  • ​Wet & Dry Shaving
  • 50 min Battery Life
  • ​Cheapest Series 7 Model
  • Automatic Cleaning Charger
  • ​5 Power Settings
  • ​Perfect for Close Shaves and Beard Trimming

​Braun Series 7 7865cc Electric Shaver Review

Despite being made out of plastic, ​it has a high-quality build that feels sturdy and durable. The body is thick and somehow still lightweight.

The dark grey finish looks elegant and understated. It will seem stylish on any bathroom counter. The ergonomics are well designed, with a rubber hand grip making wet and dry shaving safe and easy.

Who Are Braun?

Braun is regarded as the “World’s Number One Shaving Brand.” Since their formation in the 1960s in Germany, they’ve produced thousands of fantastic products that have made men’s body care easier. Braun​ made their products commonplace across the globe.


Smart Shaver with Automatic Sensors

Braun has once again included their visionary AutoSensing technology, making this a smart razor. The motor is equipped with sensors that adjust power to tackle tough hairs and thick beards.

Should you have a bit of stubble, the motor will slow so that hairs are gently removed. The result? One of the smoothest shaves we’ve ever experienced.

Automatic Cleaning Charger

Braun has included their automatic ‘Clean & Charge’ station. It’s fantastic, as it takes care of (the easy to forget) cleaning task every day. It also lubricates the blades with a 4-action alcohol-based fluid, so your electric shaver remains fresh!

SkinGuard for Skin Protection

The iconic ‘SkinGuard’ protection is included alongside ultra sharp blades to protect your skin. The guard prevents razor burn and reddening. It competes with the ​top razors in terms of comfort.

Super Flexible Head

How many times have you struggled to reach that area under your jaw, or on your neck? Probably too many times to count. With th​is shaver, you’ll be able to get to those areas easily thanks to an 8 direction flexible head.

It pivots as you apply pressure so that you can guide it around your face with minimal effort.

Custom Power Control

At the click of a button, you can move through its five power modes like you would with the gears of a car. We love it because it means you can personally take control if you feel you need a little more power.

The 7865cc’s five-mode is an increase in the three power modes seen in the other Series 7 models.

Wet and Dry Shaving

​Shaving is more comfortable with shaving cream, that’s just a fact. Thankfully the Braun 7865cc ​works ​like a charm for wet shaving!

​​Charger R​eview

​If there’s one thing we love about Braun’s Series 7 electric razors, it’s the ‘Clean & Charge’ charging system. It does exactly as the name implies but in style. You simply slot the Braun 7865cc into the dock and select what power of cleaning you’d like. Then let it remove old hairs, debris and gunk.

The modes are:

  • ​Short Cleaning
  • ​Normal Cleaning
  • ​High-Intensity Cleaning

The battery will fully recharge in one hour. That isn't fast, but given that it will clean your electric shaver in the process, who cares?

It also has a 5-minute quick charge.

​​Battery Tests

​The state-of-the-art Li-Ion battery never loses performance as it drains, and will last for 50 minutes. That’s a lot of shaving.

The premium LCD display indicates battery life in 3 different steps.

Accessories Available

Clean Renew Refill Cartridges

​Clean & Charge Cartridge Refill

​Replacement Blades

Value for Money

If you’re stuck between the 7865cc and other Series 7 models then just look at the price tag to make up your mind. The 7865cc offers a lower price for arguably a better performance.

You get a more powerful motor, with five power modes and a superb clean and charge dock. The replacement cartridges are going to add up in price over the years, but it will keep your ​shaver in pristine condition!

​Consumer ​Reviews

Shaving with Series 7

70% of Amazon’s ​user reviews are 5-star. Users comment on how the cleaning system keeps it in a fantastic condition, even with everyday use.

One user stated, “I jumped at the chance to try out an "always clean and charged" variety. It's nice to start the day with a fresh, full-powered electric razor, provided said razor does a good job of shaving!”.

It’s also very quiet and easy to travel with. There are few reports of skin irritation too; just clean, close shaves!

​Our​ Ratings

​After our Braun Series 7 7865cc review, we can confidently say this is one of the ​best we’ve ever seen.

This smart razor works with you to make shaving effortless and efficient. We believe it’s an upgrade on the other Series 7 models and has a lower price. Great performance. Great value for money!



​Autosense technology makes it genuinely unique. The technology integrated into the 7865cc gives it the edge over rival products.

With its easy-to-use power modes, you’ll be able to shave any facial hair regardless of its thickness.


​The pivot head makes the shaving process extremely gentle. It feels like the shaver is working with you, as it flexes with the contours on your face.

The SkinGuard protection will also ensure you don’t suffer from irritation. Using a thin layer of shaving foam made it even better. Super!


​It doesn’t get any better than this. The pivot head gives an extremely close contact, especially compared to other models in the price range.

We noticed it could give a clean shave in just one motion. The precision lock and trimmer allow for advanced styling too. We love it.


​The charging is what sets it apart from the rest​. The superb Clean & Charge system ensures the 7865cc will remain fresh for years.

It only takes 1-hour to charge and has a 5-minute quick charge. Outstanding.

​Battery Life:

​50-minutes of battery life means you can travel with it and forget to charge it for at least a week. The performance will never drop off too. The Li-Ion battery is worth the price here.

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