​5 Best Back Shavers for Men for Easy and Smooth Shaving

​Just because you can’t see it in the mirror, doesn’t mean that you should neglect your back when it comes to manscaping and grooming.

A smooth back reveals muscle definition, boosts confidence and is generally preferred by women over a carpet of back hair.

Back hair isn't easy to remove alone, however, and that’s why you should look further than a standard razor and find a specialist tool - buy ​a shaver designed for your back.

The Best Back Hair Shavers for Men in 2019

​MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver Review

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

​Ten years of research has culminated in the MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro​.

This patented design is perfect for any man who wants to shave their back alone. You won’t need to ask for assistance any more thanks to an extendable handle and flexing design.

It’s highly recommended with 69% of Amazon reviews being 5-star.


  • ​1.8 Ultra Wide Shock Absorber Flex Head
  • ​Standard Foil Grooming Head
  • ​Power Burst Mode for Thick Hair
  • ​Extending Handle with Position Lock
  • ​Unique 135 Degree Flexing
  • ​Quick Charge Battery


  • ​It’s fantastic for reaching all areas of your back alone.
  • ​The Power Burst function means you can shave even the thickest hair types.
  • ​It charges very quickly so you can use it at any time.
  • ​Very lightweight.
  • ​No pulling or scratching when used carefully.
  • Fast shaving.
  • Clean, close shaves.


  • ​More expensive than some of the other razors.
  • It’s very powerful, so patience is needed to avoid pulling.

Our Rating:

You’ll look like a Greek god after the first use. The utterly unique easy-to-use design makes it one of the best back shavers money can buy and Amazon’s Choice.

​BAKblade 2.0 PLUS Review

BAKblade 2 0 PLUS - Back Hair Removal

​As you can see in the picture, the BAKblade 2.0 PLUS has a truly unique design and it’s all geared to making back shaving effortless.

The ergonomic S-shaped handle fits comfortably over the shoulder, so you can reach all areas of your back and torso without overextending.

It shaves wet and dry and has a patented safety blade; no other ​shaver is as safe as this!


  • ​S-Shaped Handle
  • ​Easy Grip Handle
  • ​Retractable
  • ​Detachable Blade Unit
  • ​Wet and Dry Shaving
  • ​4” Patented DryGlide Safety Blade
  • 2 Removable Blade Cartridges
  • Attachable Cleaning Brush


  • ​It makes DIY back shaving simple.
  • ​You can use it on your torso.
  • ​It folds up, so it’s easy to pack for travel.
  • ​Smooth results.
  • ​It doesn’t clog with hair.
  • ​Pain-free.


  • ​Consumers report that it may break if you drop it on a hard surface.

Our Rating:

This is a game changer.

Scratch that, this is a life changer.

It’s a superb upgrade on their previous model and is a godsend for men who struggle to shave their backs.

It’s Amazon best selling ​men's back shaver with thousands of 5-star ratings.

NewLifeStore DIY Back Shaver Review

NewLifeStore DIY Back Shaver

​Th​is is one of the sharpest cutting best back shavers we’ve ever seen.

With a sturdy, durable metal handle it can extend to 19.5 inches which is superb news for tall men.

It’s not as ergonomic as the other​s, but the results are unbeatable.


  • ​Easy to adjust handle that stretches from 14-19.5 inches.
  • ​Two very wide, 4” safety blades.
  • ​Durable black metallic body.


  • ​It’s designed to give very close clean shaves.
  • ​You can extend it so you can reach all areas of your back, regardless of your size.
  • ​It’s also great for shaving other areas of your body, like torso, feet or legs.
  • ​The neoprene hand grips give a secure feeling during use.
  • ​Quick results.


  • ​If you’re not very flexible, then you might struggle to hold it over your shoulder, compared to other best back trimmers.

Our Rating:

This old school design is a great alternative to the modern ones listed above. It’s designed purely to give a super clean shave, and we appreciate that it won’t break if you drop it in the shower!

​BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver Review

BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver

​If you don’t trust the fancy features of other ​shavers​​​, then consider this - the BRO SHAVER

The American company has spent 15 years developing a relatively simple but highly effective back razor.

It’s stainless steel and comes with 15 very sharp blades that will give you the closest shave possible.


  • ​Tension Grab Blade Holder
  • ​Tension Grab Blade Holder
  • ​Reinforced Metallic Spine
  • ​Comb
  • ​Stainless Steel Bolts
  • ​Holds 3 Double Edged Blades
  • Shower Hanger Hole
  • Shower Hanger Hole


  • ​60-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty.
  • ​You can use any standard double edged safety blades.
  • ​Easy to load in new razor blades.
  • ​No ​electric razor gives a shave smoother than this.
  • ​Far cheaper and more economical in the long-term.
  • ​Deep shoulder clearance.


  • ​If you’re not very flexible, then you might struggle to hold it over your shoulder.
  • ​The 22-inch handle is not adjustable.

Our Rating:

The BRO SHAVER is the​ best you can buy at this price. It’s designed for large men, with hairy backs that need a no-nonsense tool.

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG5025/49 Review

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG5025

​If you’re searching for one ​that priorities comfort then here is your solution. 

Philips are the leading pioneers of men’s shaving products, and they’ve knocked it out the park again with this electric back razor.

Equipped with trim guards in three lengths you can use this anywhere on your body and then attach the long, curved back handle for smooth skin.

It trims before shaving, all in a fraction of a second!


  • ​Extra long back attachment.
  • ​It has rounded tip blades that prevent nicks and cuts.
  • ​Bi-directional trim guards, with three length options.
  • ​Can be used in the shower.
  • ​Advanced lithium-ion battery.
  • ​Advanced lithium-ion battery.


  • ​It’s designed to prevent any chances of pulling, nicks and skin irritation.
  • ​Fantastic price for its features.
  • ​Works in the shower and cordlessly.
  • ​You can use it for full body trimming.


  • ​You have to be patient with it; if you rush, you’ll pull your hairs.
  • ​1-hour charge time is a bit slow.

Our Rating:

We couldn't overlook an electric option in our ​back shaver reviews, and for this affordable price, we have ​no complaints!

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