About Us

Hey! I’m Ryan Deeds. I’m the lead reviewer and expert on all things shaving, here at Shaving Ninja.

Ryan Deeds

Ever since I was 15, when my father taught me how to shave for the first time, I’ve been hooked on improving the shaving experience. I’ve grown beards, mustaches, goatees and been with partners who preferred the times when I had skin like “baby Ryan.” As my facial hair style changed, so did my shaving.

When I was 20, my girlfriend bought me an electric shaver. She knew I was tired of the razor shaving experience. As thankful as I was, this shaver wasn’t good enough. The combination of a cheap model and my sensitive skin was causing me some serious skin irritation.

So I then started to research what I wanted and needed in an electric shaver most. Soon, I had gained a huge knowledge of every brand and was spending my cash on various models!

My friends started calling me the “Shaving Ninja.”

And here we are. It has become my duty to share with my fellow men, advice on shaving and reviews on the latest products.

The feeling I had when I first used that incredible Philips Norelco 9000 Prestige, filled me with a hunger to make sure every guy would know about how underrated taking shaving seriously is!

It doesn’t need to be a chore. It can be an enjoyable experience, and it can be your style!

I hope you enjoy the website and can learn a thing or two!